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Valentine’s Pom-Pom Wreath!

February 1, 2013


I told my husband that pom-poms are the “in thing” on the blogs right now. I also told him, while walking through an antique store and spotting a pair of antlers, that they are also the “in thing” in the blog world. ((he may think i’m crazy)). But seriously,…I’ve been seeing pom-poms (and antlers) EVERYWHERE! I’m still undecided on the antler thing, but the pom-poms?! Yes please!


I first spotted this tutorial back in December and have been dying to make a pom-pom wreath ever since. Last night I finished this (mother of alllllll mothers…it’s quite large!!) Valentine’s pom-pom wreath for our front door. Yes, it’s a bit large and extreme,…but I’m kinda loving it. Nothing says HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! like a MONSTROUS pom-pom wreath, no?! HA!

I added the little heart in the center with some felt, stuffing, needle, and yarn…I thought it added another cute little festive touch!

Seriously,…I’m addicted to pom-poms right now and you should be too! Make a cute garland or a pom-pom for your beanie, or a pom-pom flower or a wreath. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!



Easy DIY Valentine Garlands

January 21, 2013


Now that Christmas has come to a close, Ruby keeps asking me what holiday comes next. I think she’s had a tough time letting Christmas go. Just the other day she asked me to play “The Little Drummer Boy” on Pandora. Poor girl,…I feel her pain. I do. SO, we have jumped on the Valentines decorating a little early,…we’ve had these garlands up for a couple of weeks now, but we’re enjoying our early Valentines spirit and can’t wait to put up more decorations in the next couple of weeks.


These garlands were the perfect DIY/craft to do with Ruby.  They were definitely easy to make and took no time at all to whip up!


Using a needle and thread for the first time, Ruby was able to string the pom-pom balls onto the baker twine with no problem. It was so sweet and fun to see her do this. We did it one rainy afternoon and it was the perfect activity to do. Cute, quick, and you felt like you’d accomplished something when you were finished!


The sparkly hearts garland was another easy one to make using Dollar Tree foam stickers and baker’s twine.


Since the foam hearts were stickers, all we had to do was stick the hearts on the bakers twine, back-to-back. We used about two sheets of stickers to make the garland and that was it. 2 dollars later and we had a fun craft to make and decorate with!


The little yarn garland was made using this tutorial I found through My Cakies blog. It was SO much fun to make and I’ve already reused it! It was first a garland for my 30th birthday celebration (which I hope to post about later this week) and now it’s been relocated to the Valentine’s smorgasbord of garlands in our kitchen :).

Hope you try one of these garlands out to make your Valentine’s extra festive!